About Us

Honey Babies Corp opened in 2019 on a rural farm west of Carstairs, Alberta. Beekeeping has been such an amazing, wonderful, and rewarding journey thus far. There is nothing more calming than cracking open a hive and listening to the sweet melody of the bee’s buzzing around. Since starting beekeeping our bee yard has turned into not just a bee yard but a spiritual healing area for my family, friends and I. Bees are brilliant little creatures that have there own culture, language and each worker bee even cycles through 7 or more jobs in their six weeks of life.
Honey, wax, propolis and royal jelly all have amazing health benefits that date back to the beginning of humanity. Honey and bee products are one of humanities first medicines and is still widely used in medicines all around the world today. After struggling for years with fibromyalgia and disc herniation's throughout my spine among other disabilities, I started to learn about natural foods used to help with the pain and illness’s society is plagued with today as well as my disabilities and honey is always a top food product. After learning a great deal we started infusing natural foods into out honey to share with the world. So much of our diet is misunderstood by lack of knowledge in what we put in our bodies, even vanilla bean has many benefits that can help with many different ailments that we suffer with these days. Honey products like propolis has all the nutrients that humans need to survive including vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E, minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, zinc, manganese and iron. All 100% raw unfiltered honey will have propolis in it as well as beeswax which is great for hair, skin, and nails, once you filter the honey you lose all the propolis and wax in the honey.
Here at honey babies we strive to bring you the finest products in Canada with our honey being extracted right from our hive’s or locally sourced raw unfiltered honey, you will love our 100% pure raw Alberta honey. All our food products are made in a commercial approved kitchen from our great team and every jar is hand poured with love to ensure you get the best we can offer!

Reese Maskwa, Queen Bee (Owner)


Julia Gillingham, Business Manager Bee

We are also pleased to introduce our Business Manager bee at Honey Babies! Julia joined the Honey Babies family in December 2020. 

She lives with her fiancé in Carstairs and has 2 beautiful children. Julia has her  Office Assistant course as well as her CSW course.

She has years experience working as an administrator and has a passion for organization. She currently is a stay at home mom as her husband works away.

Julia is bringing her business and organization skills to help keep building the honey babies brand.