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Our honey is delivered to you in its rawest state. We take full frames from the hives and place them into the extractor, from then we pour the honey directly into our jars. For our infused honey we take only the finest freshest ingredients, blend it into the honey and let the infusion process take place.

Honey Fun Fact:

When honey crystallizes, it is still as nutritious and sweet as ever! In fact, the crystals prove that your honey is high quality and hasn't been processed. It means that nutritious pollen hasn't been filtered out and important enzymes haven't been damaged by pasteurization. To return a bottle of crystallized honey to liquid state, simply boil water than remove from stove and let sit for about 15 minutes. Place the jar (tightly sealed so no water can penetrate the jar) for about 15 minutes or as soon as the granules have dissolved. Subjecting honey to too much heat would destroy its live enzymes so be sure the water isn't boiling when the honey is placed in the pot.

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